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Smok Novo – Overview of Vaporizers

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Smok Novo – Overview of Vaporizers

Smok Novo is the newest portable electric cigarettes from Smokie. It is an upgrade to the already successful SMOK products. I have been a large fan of Smokie Juice Capsules for quite some time. The original ones are great but I wanted to test their new electric cigarettes before I got my current one.

Smok Novo

Smok Novo The Smok Novo is really a compact, cigar-like electronic cigarette that provides a longer-lasting laboring experience. The ergonomically-designed refillable pod holds 2 ounces of juice, a curve-styled mouthpiece, and an air-flow side airflow system that help to keep your mouth cool throughout your experience. The specific atomizer core is housed in the pod, utilizing a special pre-filled soft cotton to deliver optimal flavor enhancement and vapor production. Leave it to SMOK for the innovative, no-fuss, and great-tasting formula, making a great gift for new smokers or those wishing for a far more travel-friendly unit.

Smok Novo Models There are several different sizes of Smok Novo. All have both pre-filled pods that endure to sixty flavors of e-liquid and are great for people just getting started. The starter packs do not accommodate the maximum that the larger pods do, so you might want to choose the biggest size available in the event that you plan on using the larger ones frequently. They offer replacement batteries in exactly the same place as the pods, so you can always go back to “set it and forget it” as far as your battery consumption goes.

One of the better parts about Smok Novo is how easy it really is to use. Simply add the pre-filled pods into your Smok, start the power, and you are prepared to go. The energy button on the kit is particularly nice because it implies that there is no need to readjust the batteries or be worried about whether they are compatible with your existing equipment. However, some people may find it a nuisance to have to change out the battery or wait a half hour or so for the pods to charge fully. Luckily, Smok supplies a battery charger which can be attached to the mouthpiece that charges both simultaneously. With the charger attached, you never have to be worried about it – the kit’s battery is always ready when you are.

Battery Life Smok Novo kits have a sixteen-day money-back warranty, which is plenty in today’s market. Therefore you can bring it home, test it, and see how long the warranty will last before needing to replace it. Some people do prefer to purchase additional replacement cartridges, but it is not always necessary. There is also no reason to get premium juice from the lower quality Pod. The majority of the pods Smok uses have high quality beans and a superior glass design that prevent heat damage. This produces delicious tasting e-liquid each time.

Quality As with all vapor generation devices, you obtain what you pay for in terms of Smok Novo. You should expect a high quality product that will produce a lot of vapor and a consistent taste each and every time. The e-liquid produced by the device is also going to be much better than the amount that you would get from the normal personal vaporizer. You will observe that the flavor of the e-liquid is quite well-balanced and there is an almost fruity element to it. Since Smok runs on the patented heat transfer process, you may be sure that it will stay hot long once you’ve finished your last hit.

Convenience When you are able to enjoy your e-liquid at any time, the most crucial advantage to the Smok Novo is that it creates it extremely convenient to take anywhere. Unlike other devices that work with a separate bowl for every individual flavor, the entire unit can match your pocket so that you can enjoy your vapor production wherever you want. The Smok Novo even will come in a standard black case for simple organization. If you travel with your device or plan on bringing it out more than once, this may be the ideal solution.

Cost benefits Smok Novo is a solid unit that costs less than the average vapes. There is no reason to spend more than $75 on the best vaporizer. It provides the same quantity of flavor and vapor production because so many higher-end devices, but costs less than half of what the competition offers. If you benefit from the convenience and overall cost great things about owning this sort of vaporizer, you will probably end up loving it. Even the very best electronic cigarettes use a high quality product, so you shouldn’t have an excessive amount of trouble finding one that is effective for you.

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