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Smok Vaporizers Has EVERYTHING

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Smok Vaporizers Has EVERYTHING

As an initial time user of a Smok Pen I want to share my thoughts and observations of the pen. First of all I think the biggest advantage the Smok Pen has over other pens available is its size and weight. As a person who suffers from a bad back condition I understand how important it is to truly have a pen that is convenient to carry and comfortable to utilize. So lets get cracking on with the Smok Pen review and quickly see what this amazing little pen is all about. The Smok Vap Pen has a really nice 1600 mah battery, a cool touchy texture, micro USB port for charging and everything you could possibly imagine except for the fact that it generally does not come with a taper tip.

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The Smok Vap Pen looks similar to a pen that comes out of a futuristic movie. A blue laser pointer is at the bottom right of the pen and there’s a Smok logo on the cap. Gleam Smok logo on the cap. The pen looks good and works well but I have to say I was just a little disappointed with the battery life. In line with the manual the pen can work for up to a complete day on a full charge. I was disappointed with that, I’ve had better battery life from my Craftmatic charged battery.

The Smok Vap Pen comes with an extremely pleasant Smok vapor flavour. It tastes like e-juice in ways. This is the real Smok flavor and taste. With the airflow control it really is adjusted so that you get yourself a straight line of flavor from your e-juice. I would recommend trying it out due to it’s price, and the quality of the airflow.

One thing I will mention concerning the Smok Vap Pen flavour is the build quality is fantastic. I’ve had a variety of pens before plus they have all been of poor quality. Nothing is more frustrating than investing in an e-liquid only to find out it doesn’t work as if you expected. To avoid this happening, ensure that you buy a pen with a built-in airflow system. Unless you mind spending a few extra dollars then get a pen with a micro USB connection.

The Smok Vap Pen has a rechargeable lithium ion (or rechargeable lithium micro) battery that is extremely easy to use. When you first get the pen you don’t have to worry about constantly needing to charge it. Simply just plug it set for five to ten seconds and it’ll have you smiling in no time. The rechargeable battery does drain quickly though, which means you will want to be sure you have a spare ready just in case you need it. Also, be aware that the Smok Vaporizer pen runs on the standard sized Vape Pen Battery USB cable, if you do not own a micro USB connection you may need to purchase a universal cable to use with most of these devices.

Another great thing about the Vap Pen is that it comes with four additional flavour cartridges that you should try. This means you can create a really unique experience every time. really smooth and mellow flavour then your Smok Vap Pen includes fruity flavours which would be perfect for a summer afternoon or evening. If you are looking for something a bit more potent than the Smok Vap Pen includes two recipes for you yourself to choose from.

Also, if you would prefer to provide your Vap Pen a supplementary kick then you will undoubtedly be happy to know that there is a special “Krush” button you can press that gives you the extra boost you will need. The smok vapor pen airflow is quite strong and can help you to get that powerful hit each and every time. The built in dual

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